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Smartly Customized Fun


Everyone has attended an event that missed the mark.  And though it was hosted by someone within the company who has a good sense of humor…or you hired comedian from the local club…they didn't hit the target on fun, funny, content, or any combination of the three. 


To start, your “internal” host has an entirely different responsibility to the company, and doesn't have the time, and often the desire, to prep more than reading introductions directly from the program…or worse, a crinkled piece of paper. 

With the guy or gal from the comedy club, they know the script for their act, and hopefully know not to curse, but rarely is he or she ready to dive into your topics and lead your program to its goal.

So how would Dennis DuPont be any different?

With Dennis, you have the experience of over 1200 comedic performances, annual meetings and awards programs, along with national & regional conferences, conventions and tradeshows to draw from. Additionally, his brand of clean comedy is fast on its feet, allowing him to handle whatever may arise.

But most importantly, he takes the time and effort necessary to prepare in-depth for your program.  A good host makes for a great event.  A great host makes for an unforgettable event.  Dennis is a great host.


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